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Since the beginning of fashion, it has always been inspired by different cultures and traditions. In fact, many designers have therefore created different trends thanks to these cultures. one of the most iconic influence could be the rasta culture on John Galliano,who appropriated its culture for his 04/05 collection.

What is the Rasta movement ? These three colours, which are yellow, red and green, refer to connotations of reggae, Jamaica, the « good vibes » to express that life is beautiful and try to take away the worries in life.

Red, yellow, black and green are the universal colors of Rastafarians, a mix of the colors of the Ethiopian flag and those of Marcus Garvey's movement ( who is a Jamaican activist from the beginning of the 20th century, consider.ed a prophet by the rastas ). Shortly afterwards, these four colours became the symbol of this movement. They symbolize the blood of the martyrs, the natural beauty of Jamaica and the richness of Ethiopia.

Since this, this mouvement has  taken  a new, more modern angle. Several artists, such as Gwen Stefani, Missy Eliott at the beginning of the decade, or Rihanna nowadays like to wear these colors in casual outfits;.

If we take a look back to Dior's 2004 campaign, we see Gisele Bundchen in her the  a set of rasta color making really impactful images. Photographed by Nick Knight, this campaign was full of messages, thanks to the difference between the world of fashion, and the ways of thinking of the Rasta movement !

But not only Galliano got inspired by Rasta mouvement, in fact we see the influence of this colors in other desigers, such as Tommy Hilfiger for the Spring / Summer 2016 Collection. But also Christian Louboutin, who created a rasta-colored heels.

Rihanna highlighted one of Tommy Hilfiger's looks in her video clip "Work", seen more than 1 billion times on YouTube since 2016. 

The influence of the Rasta movement has therefore been set by several creators for almost two decades. So don't miss out, and find 3 bags from this Dior  collection at Opulence Vintage, a style that is still in vogue today. and moreover these collections will remain of very good investment.


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Published on: 3 May 2021