Discover the most Patriotic Hermes bag

One of the most important events in the french history is the french revolution that started the 5th May 1789, so to commerate the 200 anniversary of that event, Hermes in 1989 created a really special Sac a Malice, almost 30 years later just arrived to Opulence Vintage.

The sac a Malice are bags at Hermes that combines different skills of the house: Handcrafts skilled  in the metallic structure, work on leather, but  overall a rare skill to make a patchwork of leather to make that enables to get the different designs.


In this one Hermes French revolution sac a malice that is available at Opulence Vintage,  the patchwork of leather creates the flag from France qith box  and Courchevel leather of different colors. And in the bottom of the bag you can see the skyline of Paris made in blakc leather ( amazing work if you look close to all the details)

Also have a look to the detail of the clasp... just amazing

*This bags comes with a crossbody shoulder strap to be able to wear it in all the different ocassions (like for example for the 4th of July)

You can see the whole description of this bag in our e-shop and if you need more information dont hesitate to send us a message.

Published on: 3 May 2021