Fake Dior versus Real one

This week I got in the shop 2 similar Christian Dior bags, can you guess which one is the real and which one is the fake?

Fake versus real Christian Dior bag

So the fake one is the red canvas one, I have made a video that is in my Youtube Channel where you can see all the difefrences and I explain you some tips to identify kafe bags. You can see the video here 

or you can continue reading to see the tips.


In fact I could feel that the bag was fake just when I just got it in the hands, but here you can find some tips just to recognise a fake bags just with some pics.


Label: All the luxury bags have a label inside with the brand, in this case you can compare the 2 labels.

As you can see, in the fake one stiches are not straight and the label is not corrected cut, also the typographie is not correct. If yoou compare with the real one the label is correctly stiched and perfect shape. Also in this kind of Dior bags from the early 2000's there is a data code behind the label.


Leather finitions: what make s a bag a luxurry bag is the excellence when producing them, soo all the details have to be perfect, one tip to recognise a fake bag is the borders of the leather par s. Look at the image below to the left part of the closing strap( I make it XL size so you can appreciate the details)Have you seen how a black color from the side goes over the red part? This is the side finitions of the leather, but this mistake of some black paint going over the red leather would never be acceptable by the quality control of a luxury brand, so if you see that in a bag so can say that is fake ( you can see this often in fake Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags) If you compare wiht the real one you will see that the finitions are clear, here a photo of the real one.

You can compare here also the finitions of the real versus the fake Dior bag, can you see how in the red one there a huge black line over the leather??



Also regarding to the details,when buying a secondhad lucxury bag you should always check the corners and how they are done as is one of the most delicate part of a bag to make, if you have a close look to the fake Dior bag you will see how the corners al poorly make. As the bag is not make with real leather , it is not flexible enough to make a smooth rounded

Pression buttons: In this case and in many Chanel Fake Vintage bags the closing pression buttons do have some numbers in the back, that is lso something common in fake bags, in the real ones there is no number engraved in the pression buttons

Just to finish, my last tip si always buy a secondhand luxury bag from a trusted reseller, at Opulence Vintage with expertise all our bag and we just worked with a curated selection of all of them as with have 0 tolerence with fakes because they damage the industry and also bcause there is a really dirty business behind that involves mob and slavery.

You can see all our articles here, and if you are looking for a secondhand bag dont hesitate to contact us, we can find it for you.

Published on: 3 May 2021