Red is the color

In the scope of all the colors of vintage bags, red ones are in the top. Im in love with the burdundy Hermes leather form vintage bags but overall I do really like the vintage red lambskin leather Chanel bags and what a surprise when this week one lovely one arrived to the shop.

The new arrrival is a mini mini (21 cm) Chanel vintage shopper and the most especial thing is that this vintage Chanel bag is in pristine condition. You can check it in the following photos.

This bag is from the collection 1989-1990, and it is quite popular in the vintage Chanel items due to the "losange" size of the puller of the zip, as there were many earrings and necklaaces sold with this type of charm ( in the shop we do have available a pair of earrings like that) 

if you want to know a little bit more about this bag , here is the link for the youtube video that we add to our Channel. Enjoy it!

Published on: 2 May 2021