Say NO to fakes!

Fake items is a real problem in the luxury world, all the luxury brands as Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton and its bags brands has been copied...

We have all seen in the street a woman with a Louis Vuitton Speedy whith a strange monogram or friend wearing a Hermes Birkin with a not so well made stamp.... Well, we can think that this is apparently harmful but... thats why I found this TED talk (thanks instagrammer @closetfullofcash) super interesting.

If you have 10 minutes I recommeded you to watch the whole video here.

If you are really really busy not to get 10 minutes to eenjo, I added here 2 extracts from the conference that resumes everything.

Counterfait industry is 2.3 TRILLION dollars.

Terrorist advices to sell fake items as a form to finance terrorism attacks:

So think when you are buying fakes, you are not harming giant luxury coroporations, you are harming everyone promoting slavery, terrorism and fear.

Published on: 1 May 2021